Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash

Yesterday i was passing by a coffee shop
My heart wanted there, to make a stop

I grabbed a cup and heard them talk
People’s gossip there, just wouldn’t stop

But their eyes, were not making a connection
They weren’t talking, i realised upon the inspection

Curious i was, for what was the noise?
They were silent, and yet smiled at their toys

They were talking, but the lips weren’t moving
After this, i knew my heart was aching

Because the companion of their supper just sat their waiting
Looking for a moment, when their eyes would match
Thriving deeply, for a moment to catch

And then they got up, saying “see you later”
Don’t be like this, my reader, a request from the author




Rabis Naqvi

Rabis Naqvi

Sometimes I write poetry, other times I casually share my thoughts.